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Nov 30, 2015

After some brief salutations, nerd talk erupts as Marvel's 1987 Thanksgiving Day Parade Float awkwardly kicks off the show!

Then, Wizard Magazine starts the EDMAIL segment (9:42): Ugliest Spider-Man Costume (16:30), Aliens movies (18:10), and Halloween Town & Horrible Holiday specials (22:00)

COMICS CHAT (27:10): Dark...

Nov 23, 2015

This week:

EMAIL (5:00): Fictitious Armies Draft, Dan Akroyd, Wrestling Entrance Music, Gosling/ Blade Runner, Pffft Remakes (13:00), Unrealistic James Bond Gadgets (14:55) Stef from Gotham Lights Podcast sends a message (20:10), and we wrap the segment with Favorite Fictional Sports (25:39)

COMICS TALK (32:52): Mark...

Nov 16, 2015

Bill, Bob and Ed this week as Dom disappears on an adventure! Let's see how Ed holds up! Here' the rundown, now with time stamps!

Official biz: Preacher stuff (12:05), 50th episode thoughts (15:18)!

Then E-Mail (20:13): Forgive Tommy Lee for Two-Face (21:04), Carmen San Diego (25:12), goofy TV Super Villains (25:50),...

Nov 9, 2015

We start this week by getting the plug for our new show, Preacher Vs Preacher, out of the way and then get right to the geekery: Constantine on Arrow (6:40), AMC's The Morgan Show (formerly TWD) (11:40), Dom professes his love for The Walking Dead comic (16:50)

Then we hit the E-Mail (19:40): 5 reasons you should write...

Nov 2, 2015

Our buddy Ed returns and brought a friend named Satan with him. Well, like all first time guests, Satan takes a geek quiz and wins big money! Ed reads his own email, like, Wolverine hair products! Then we talk about Preacher teaser and we announce a new podcast project! Plus: Aliens/Prometheus news, Supergirl aired and...