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Jun 27, 2016

Hey you, good to see ya! We compiled some nerdery for you and we divided it into the usual sections:

MEANWHILE: Independence Day:Insurgence, Braindead, Tales From The Darkside comic

14:20 - NEWS: FlashPoint on TV, Fables continues, Cerebus returns, Cranston leads the Power Rangers, Justice League synopsis, more Dredd,...

Jun 20, 2016

This week the nerd news is never-ending:

6:00 - MEANWHILE: OJ Made In America, House Of Cards

12:24 NEWS: Game Of Thrones, Will Arnett Con, Arrow gets vigilant, Orphan Black end nears, Common goes Samurai, Legends gets villain, Rising Stars optioned, Deadpool pays Bea, More Conjuring, Donald Glover in next Spider-Man,...

Jun 13, 2016

This week Stefanie from the amazing Gotham Lights podcast joins us! Dom and Ed have gone missing and she agreed to put up with us long enough to get an episode out of her! Oh yeah, and Agent Palmer is there too. Here's how it all breaks down after the intro:

6:20 SUPERFIGHT: Stef V Palmer - "Illuminati on a bike...

Jun 6, 2016

This week come at you fast, lean, and with plenty of news!

5:24 - MEANWHILE: Thanos Infinity Not-For-Ovens Mitt, quickest TMNT review ever, and the first wave of DC Rebirth Tittles!

16:25 - NEWS: X-Men's Legion series picked up by F/X, Rom & G.I. Joe & Transformers & M.A.S.K. unify in comics, Coppola's Godfather...