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Popping culture with a rubber chicken since 1802, so you don't have to.
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Jul 31, 2016

This week we breakdown news and do all our normal stuff in our typical unusual way!

3:40 MEANWHILE - Bill wins a Slantie, Bill and Ed saw The Killing Joke - in a theater!

16:16 NEWS - Superman On Supergirl, A Rundown Of Comic Book Shows in development, Geof Johns Now Supreme Leader Of DC, Suicide Squad Mid Credits...

Jul 25, 2016

This week we cover some San Diego Comic Con stuff, we tie in with Preacher Vs Preacher and we also have a Very Special Guest!

4:13 - MEANWHILE: Loot Crate, Stranger Things, Star Trek Beyond

13:14 - NEWS: Netflix Star Treks Worldwide, Ghost Rider Joins Shield, A New He-Man Episode Kinda, Neil Gaiman's Interworld...

Jul 18, 2016

Things get silly out of the gate as we discuss how a Wicked Theory Drinking Game might work and what a bad idea it is in general, then we do this stuff:

4:00 MEANWHILE - Mr.Robot has returned, The Infiltrator, Throwaways, and Podtoberfest ramps up!

14:55 NEWS - Kid Flash TV Costume Revealed, X-Men TV show news, Big...

Jul 11, 2016

Yup, we're still here. Still gettin' freaky with the geeky. We even break it into sections, like so:

2:44 - MEANWHILE: This section starts when Ed needs a Preacher related question answered/settled and he asked the right guys. Bill caught "The Night Of" and "Beasts Of No Nation", Bob's reading "Planetary", Dom's...

Jul 4, 2016

Ed's buddy Satan is back! But he's not half as evil as that name implies! After we discuss what happens when you bring your ethnicity to the airport, the secrets of being a good party DJ, and a quick tease for The Staten Island Podcast Festival, we get into some nerdy stuff:

18:00 - SUPERFIGHT: Satan picks Bill as his...