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Jan 1, 2018

The first in a semi recurring series called "We Played"! That name's probably taken but it'll do for now! This episode we played SCHMOVIE! And WE LOVED IT! Sure things got NSFW real fast but that's our usual style. This game feels familiar to us because it's similar to a few bits we've already done on the show: make up...

Dec 25, 2017

Our Overrated Holiday Hoedown is 30% Merry-Merry 70% Bah Humbuggery! It starts with some christmas cookies to get the blood sugar up as we use some listicles to guide us along, starting with “Christmas Things That Just Went Too Far”

Oct 25, 2017

Hey zombie-lovers! Here we are breaking down the season 8 opener for The Walking Dead! Rick, Curl and all the gang are all back and they're knocking on Negan's door! We also look to the future of the season -  what's up with Old Man Rick? What's up with these flash forwards? We discuss and explain!

Oct 18, 2017

Hello kiddies! Celebrating all things evil from Stephen King sewers to Sam Rami's cabin, Team WT brings you Horror-Ween 2017! We regale all the best horror in TV and Film! Our favorites, some lesser known gems and even a few dark classics of yesteryear! So turn off the lights, find a sharp knife and turn the volume up!

May 20, 2017

We salute 40 YEARS of STAR WARS!! We talk about all the movies, what we love and what we don't, their impact on us, personal SW stories, and what we think about all the new stuff! We gave the chatroom a game to play, and we see how we hold up against some Star Wars Trivial Pursuit questions! How will you do?