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May 1, 2017

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday April 29th, 2017 as submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. All the superhero based shows returned from hiatus and we were jam-packed with 5 new episodes this week.
Gotham: Ed killed some intellectuals, took hallucinogens to see visions of a dead Oswald, and tried to draw out Jim to be his “enemy.” Lucius Fox answered the call instead, stopped Ed from killing Bullock and a bunch of cadets, and figured out Ed killed Oswald. Ed declared himself “The Riddler” and stopped taking pills but it turns out Oswald was saved from the river by Ivy and is ready for payback. Jim met with his Uncle Frank who wants him to join the Court of Owls and help take them down. Is he lying? Bruce got a note from Selina, went to her, got blown off and discovered it was all a trick by Evil Bruce, who knocked out real Bruce and took his place. Last Minute Reveal: Bruce woke up in a cell, looked out the window, and saw nothing but snow-covered mountains!
Supergirl: Lena Luthor’s ex-boyfriend Jack Spheero announced to the world he had developed miracle medical nanobots. Kara and Snapper competed to get scoops that the nanobots might not be legit and both of their sources were assassinated… by NANOBOTS! Turns out Spheero was actually being controlled by his CFO Beth Breen (never trust the money people). When the nanobots had Supergirl cornered, Lena was able to override them but Spheero did not survive. Breen went to jail, Lena was devastated, and Snapper gave Kara her job back. Meanwhile, Winn convinced James to let Lyra help the Guardian fight street thugs. When Lyra took it too far, she and Winn had a spat but James said she can stick around as long as she tones it down. Last Minute Reveal: Lena Luthor got a visit from Rhea!
The Flash: Caitlin went full Killer Frost and escaped S.T.A.R. Labs. Barry decided to run to the year 2024 to learn how to defeat Savitar. When he got there he found that his future self couldn’t save Iris, became so obsessed with Savitar that he abandoned all his friends and became an emo recluse. Wally was catatonic, Joe was a broken man, Julian imprisoned a crazy Caitlin, HR went on a book tour, and Cisco lost his hands and his vibe powers. Barry got the band back together, took on Mirror Master and the Top, and inspired emo-Barry to re-don the suit. Future Barry couldn’t give Present Barry Savitar’s identity or hope to save Iris but did give him a lead on a physicist who could help. Last Minute Reveal: Caitlin found Savitar, who offered her help accepting her villainy and revealed his true identity!
iZombie: Liv slopped up a spicy soup full of brains from Cheryl, a woman who loved gossip and sticking her nose in her co-workers’ business. Clive, Liv and Ravi discovered three co-workers worked together to set off a fire alarm and spike Cheryl’s yogurt, but didn’t intend to kill her. Major was able to track down his missing victim, Natalie, who was being held hostage by a rich guy and offered her Ravi’s cure. Natalie wasn’t sure if it was worth the amnesia. Peyton looked after Blaine while he waited to see if Ravi’s injection brought his memories back. When it did not work, Peyton felt sad for Liv and Major but good enough to bring Blaine into her bedroom. Last Minute Reveal: Clive and Liv approached a gun range owner who posted on the zombie-hater message boards and learned he lost his brother in the Max Rager incident and he knows zombies are responsible!
Arrow: Oliver had to deal with the press after the public revelation that DA Adrian Chase was Prometheus. Felicity told Lyla that Helix could help track Chase if ARGUS released a Helix hacker named Cayden James. When Lyla said no, Felicity went rogue and helped Helix break James out of an ARGUS black site. Diggle became upset Lyla was running a black site and became worried how Lyla’s job is changing her. Quentin brought Rene’s daughter to visit him and convinced Rene to fight for custody. Helix decided to cut ties with Felicity but did leave behind a tracking code to help her find Chase. Felicity made up with Oliver and plugged in the code. Last Minute Reveal: The code traced Chase’s location to Arrow HQ and Felicity’s computer exploded in front of her and Oliver!
In Memoriam
Powerless: One more thing before I go. We got some sad news about Powerless. Variety reported this week that “NBC has pulled the DC Entertainment comedy from the network’s schedule and has not yet determined where or when the final three episodes of the season will air.” While this news is disappointing I cannot say it is surprising. Powerless had much promise. The cast was impressive and Alan Tudyk was a standout, but the writing was rough. It never seemed like they could strike the correct balance between workplace comedy and superhero world-building. Each episode was better than the previous one and the show was heading in the right direction but unfortunately the ratings were just too low. I wish we could see those last three episodes, especially the finale with Adam West. Most likely they’ll be burned off in the summer or we will see them when the show is released streaming or on DVD and Blu-Ray.