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Jul 2, 2017

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday July 1st, 2017. Submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. There were 3 new episodes this week:

Preacher Season 2 Premiere - Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy began searching for God and were cornered by some cops when a mysterious cowboy (the Saint of Killers) gunned down the entire sheriff’s department. The gang snuck away and met up with a friend of Jesse’s name Mike, who happened to be helping a girl named Ashley purge addiction by locking her in a dark cage. Mike directed Jesse to a strip club owner named Tammy, and later killed himself to avoid helping SoK. Cassidy asked Tulip if he should tell Jesse they slept together and was told to keep his mouth shut. Cassidy accidentally shot Tammy through the chest but Jesse learned from her that God had been to She She’s a few times because he loved the Jazz band. Last Minute Reveal: After a wild, kinky night with Tulip, Jesse went for a smoke and ran into the SoK! Jesse tried using Genesis, but it did not appear to effect the cowboy, who drew his gun!
Preacher - Genesis did not work on SoK and our heroes escaped the motel while SoK slaughtered dozens of gun aficionados. The gang found Fiore posing as a magician committing suicide and reappearing over and over. Jesse learned that the SoK was using Genesis to track the gang and that only Fiore could call the SoK off. Cassidy served Fiore a narcotics buffet and convinced him to play ball. Tulip and Jesse learned Annville was destroyed, humped away their feelings and decided to get hitched. A scary guy named Gary from Tulip’s past came snooping around. Tulip had to kill Gary to avoid getting choke-slammed to death and decided to call off the wedding. Jesse decided to follow the music and look for God in New Orleans. Last Minute Reveal: Fiore double-crossed Jesse by telling SoK the deal is still on in exchange for a bullet through the heart that actually killed him!
iZombie Season 3 Finale - Only Major and Justin survived the explosion. Justin broke up with Liv for sleeping around. Major asked Chase Graves to scratch him. Chase told Blaine to screw and business at the Scratching Post died. Seattle was hit with an Aleutian flu outbreak and the whole city was ordered to get immunized. Clive and Liv discovered that Carey Gold orchestrated all of this season’s tragedies. Chase killed Carey and was forced to put D-Day plan B into motion. The flu vaccine was mixed with Zombie virus. Clive got back together with Dale but couldn’t prevent her from getting infected. Chase went on TV and explained his plan to make Seattle a haven for Zombies and that brains were being donated from all over the country. Last Minute Reveal: Ravi got his hands on a sliver of Utopium, developed a Zombie vaccine, took it and asked Liv to scratch him! She agreed and the last thing we heard after the screen went black was a creepy gasp from Ravi and Liv telling him “Don’t be a dick.”