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Apr 24, 2017

This week we moved the news rundown to the front because there was so much! Ooh look! Time codes!

News (8:50): New Mutants, Deadpool2, DarkPhoenix, Avatar, X-files, krypton, Carmen Sandiego King Kong/Skull Island TV, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Locke And Key To Hulu, Tom & Jerry & Willy Wonka, New Warriors TV

Chatroom Game (44:52): #SuperheroSongs! The chatroom gave us lots of funny responses to this one!

Trailer Trash (49:54): American Assassin, The Little Hours, Wakefield, The Beguiled

Meanwhile (1:09:49): Fargo, Freefire, Baskets, Arby’s, The Discovery, The Sting

World Conflict (1:27:35): Which World would you rather live in? Avatar Versus The Matrix!

Email (1:35:56): Safest and least safe Sidekicks, world travels, Tom Berenger and more!