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Sep 25, 2017

We open with usual banter and then get into telling you about our new podcast, The DCTV Report! We call Ed’s DCTV co-host Sara Netzley, to get the scoop on the new show and what listeners can expect!

For news we cover The Punisher trailer, HBO orders Watchman, live-action Akira, the new Terminator movie, The Defenders numbers and a director calls out Disney.

Chatgame for the week is #TVShowASandwich.

And in MEANWHILE: Dom and Bill saw IT, Jay and Ed saw Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Plus Captain Marvel on Blu, Uncle Jay shouts out Shout Factory again, Ed mentions LEGO Ninjago, Dom and Bill talk about Rick & Morty, Dom also talks about American Horror Story and even Bob has a Meanwhile this week!

Bill remixes the email intro to attempt to get Dom to sing live on the show as things move to emails: Film Festivals, stabs at Bill, The Orville, Romantic Comedies and plot formulas, movies with live orchestras, super abilities and much more!

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