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Dec 7, 2015

We open strong and then have a glitch in the first 5 minutes. Hey, it's what we do. Things get back on track and Bill gives a plug to the Chronicles Unwritten podcast (5:13) and then basically dedicates the episode to Robert Loggia - well, he tries to anyway.

The E-MAIL portion kicks off with three "quick" questions from Agent Palmer: what super power, comic universe item and personal assistant wool we want (12:00)? Next are a few questions from Ed; The Smelliest Pokemon, Wonder Twins Vs The Beach Boys, and Frankenstein movies, Cake Or Pie (26:27)!

Then we jump into some COMICS TALK (31:00)! Sheriff Of A Babylon #1, Doctor Strange #3, Citizen Jack #2, Unfollow #2, Paper Girls #3, Plutona #3, Daredevil #1, Dom has been re-reading Preacher and then some Secret Wars talk!

NERD NEWS (57:00)! Batman V Superman Trailer, Game Of Thrones Season 6 teaser, More Indiana Jones talk and we write Star Wars Episode 9's last scene, Tarantino might come to TV, and Black Panther rumors.

The Return Of The REBOOT REPORT! (1:17:15) Predator, Friday The 13th, and RAMBO TV?