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Feb 22, 2016

This Week: Someone's been drinking, can you figure out who it is before they announce it? Along the way, you'll hear nerdish things like:

Email (5:50): Buffalo Wings, chimichanga, TV on Staten Island, Oscar viewing, Dom's Haircut, movies to NOT remake and comics to never adapt, Spaceballs 2, Deadpool 2

MEANWHILE (37:26): Dom liked HBO's Vinyl, Old School Oil Filters, the super Star Wars Original Release fan edit,

NERD NEWS starts with cool comics stuff (44:48): The Walking Dead big-bad guy origin, Tales From The Darkside comic coming, DC's "Rebirth" is a reboot-ish relaunch!
MOVIE NEWS kicks in at 1:02:50 with Deadpool statue and SNL stuff, then Astro Boy, will Wolverine 3 be R, Mads Mikklesen in Rouge One, Carrie Fisher gives away a secret!
Then for TV NEWS: Daredevil season 2 trailer (1:22:26)

REBOOT REPORT(1:25:36): Death Race, Stephen King's "IT"

MAKHAM MOVIE COLLECTION (1:31:20) Grant from the 7DaysAGeek podcast sent us bunch of movies to watch, this week, well there was some mixed messages and well, Bill and Bob have their reviews at least. Also the next movies are handed out.

SPOILER-ish TV SECTION (1:57:00): We quickly close the show by covering last weeks The Walking Dead, The Flash and Better Call Saul!