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Jul 11, 2016

Yup, we're still here. Still gettin' freaky with the geeky. We even break it into sections, like so:

2:44 - MEANWHILE: This section starts when Ed needs a Preacher related question answered/settled and he asked the right guys. Bill caught "The Night Of" and "Beasts Of No Nation", Bob's reading "Planetary", Dom's reading Joe Hill's "Firemen", Ed saw "Swiss Army Man".

18:02 - NERDY NEWS: Netflix passwords, CW coming to Netflix, John Barrowman king of CW, we glaze over Harvey Award noms, Iron Kid & Iron Doom, Captain America In Brooklyn, Skrulls on Film, Kirk Vs Deep Space Jesus, Warriors ganging up on TV, Kiefer Flatlining again.

48:26 EMAIL: Ed starts us off with Willie Nelson, Johnny Storm, Panini defined, and Super Funeral Music! Plus: Pokemon Go, Exotic Meats, Small Wonder, Matt Harvey, Boss Fights, Celeb meet-ups and MORE!