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Jul 31, 2016

This week we breakdown news and do all our normal stuff in our typical unusual way!

3:40 MEANWHILE - Bill wins a Slantie, Bill and Ed saw The Killing Joke - in a theater!

16:16 NEWS - Superman On Supergirl, A Rundown Of Comic Book Shows in development, Geof Johns Now Supreme Leader Of DC, Suicide Squad Mid Credits Thing, Mo Han Solo, Avengers Re-assembling, Loot Crate Recall Continues, Mini Sega, Pokemon Sex Toys,

43:34 LIGHTENING ROUND - A silly game played by silly people returns!

51:45 EMAIL - Sun Chips, Super Hair, Tom Hanks Sequels, Quantum Leap, Email From a Baby, And That Baby's Dad, Garage Sales, Fruits, Mumm-Ra, Pokemon Go Away, Sandstorm, and more!