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Nov 23, 2015

This week:

EMAIL (5:00): Fictitious Armies Draft, Dan Akroyd, Wrestling Entrance Music, Gosling/ Blade Runner, Pffft Remakes (13:00), Unrealistic James Bond Gadgets (14:55) Stef from Gotham Lights Podcast sends a message (20:10), and we wrap the segment with Favorite Fictional Sports (25:39)

COMICS TALK (32:52): Mark Millar's Huck, Last Sons Of America, and the Oni Press 2016 Starter Pack (39:24)!

NEWS (43:55): Memento and other pointless remakes, Frank Miller and Dark Knight III (54:15), new Wonder Woman pic (1:02:34), more Riddick (1:05:50), AMC oopsed TWD (1:07:57), Constantine fans still have hope (1:10:40),

TV TALK: The Executed Bastard (1:15:13), The Flash (1:26:58), Walking Dead predictions (1:39:17),

and of course Jessica Jones came to Netflix, we have a Semi-spoiler free-ISH chat about the show up to ep 5 (1:40:00)