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May 9, 2016

This week one of Bill's geekier buddies hops in the guest seat! Donald (AKA @Prof_Politico on twitter) hangs out and while we may not do half the things we say we will, events such as these do transpire:

4:26 - Donald takes our Super Easy Geek Quiz!
17:30 - EMAIL: Embarrassing Movies, ScareBears, Blue Man Hair, Return Of Bruno, Suburban Commando and VHS, Infiltrator with Scott Bakula, Prom, Unsavory Actors, Odd Potatoes, Slowsand, Lingually Speaking, Store Exclusives, Personal Fantastic Four, Book Adaptions, Movie Walk Outs, and more!
1:14:25 - NERDISH NEWS: American Gods, Dawn on Hulu, Affleck and Batman, Black Widow movie buzz, Han Yolo casted.
1:28:55 - We reminisce about The 1990's Captain America VHS movie and the 1979 TV movies and get into some comic book talk.
1:52:30 Zero Spoiler Review for Captain America: Civil War, hear our full review in our CA:CV Review Special Episode!