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May 30, 2016

The prodigal son returns! Dom's back! Where was he? Are the rumors true? Maybe!

6:00 - MEANWHILE: Preacher, Outcast, DC Rebirth #1

14:20 - NERDLY NEWS: Who will read the news? We settle it with a game of Superfight! then, Captain America got all twisty, and people got all in a tizzy and so we get spoilery about it at 24:00 skip ahead to 39:24 if you like, Animated Miles Morales Spider-Man, T-Hiddy for Bond, Mel was offered Odin

51:03 - EMAIL: SuperGosling, Pulp Fishburne, Bad 80's hair, More Kingpin, A Forgotten Email, Candy vs Farley, Sunglasses etiquette, CW Finales (1:10) Legends O' Tomorrow, Arrow, Flash talk (1:14) gets spoilery, Batman '66, Graduation Speeches, TMNT and more!

We wrap up with Ed's breakdown of X-Men: Apocalypse!