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Jun 6, 2016

This week come at you fast, lean, and with plenty of news!

5:24 - MEANWHILE: Thanos Infinity Not-For-Ovens Mitt, quickest TMNT review ever, and the first wave of DC Rebirth Tittles!

16:25 - NEWS: X-Men's Legion series picked up by F/X, Rom & G.I. Joe & Transformers & M.A.S.K. unify in comics, Coppola's Godfather Notebook, Captain Marvel casting rumors, Ultimate Batman V Superman R-rated release, No New Namor, Hannibal Lecter goes to Cybertron, Justice League gets titled, The Walking Lawsuit, Lego madness, Rock is Doc (Savage), and Friday The 13th origin story

51:26 - EMAIL: C3-P0's fashion choices, Supervillains at the urinal, Jackman's successor, Unitard much?, ever take a Greyhound, movie posters, movie soundtracks and scores, that gorilla incident, BBQ foods and duties, and Who is Floronic Man?

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