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Jun 13, 2016

This week Stefanie from the amazing Gotham Lights podcast joins us! Dom and Ed have gone missing and she agreed to put up with us long enough to get an episode out of her! Oh yeah, and Agent Palmer is there too. Here's how it all breaks down after the intro:

6:20 SUPERFIGHT: Stef V Palmer - "Illuminati on a bike Versus Homer with acid blood" Who will win?

16:40 NEWS: Superman on Supergirl, Disney on Netflix, Mallrats TV, Scarlet to Cinimax, Killing Joke on screens, Jacked JK Simmons, Russian Spider-Man!

55:33 MEANWHILE: House Of Cards, Stef works Comic-Con, Preacher books

17:20 EMAIL: Animal Crackers, Pepsi or Coke, Indian or Chinese, Ice Cream or Cake, Mamet Comics, and Other Jellies.