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Jul 4, 2016

Ed's buddy Satan is back! But he's not half as evil as that name implies! After we discuss what happens when you bring your ethnicity to the airport, the secrets of being a good party DJ, and a quick tease for The Staten Island Podcast Festival, we get into some nerdy stuff:

18:00 - SUPERFIGHT: Satan picks Bill as his opponent in a fight of politically epic proportions: Hillary Vs A Hipster!

24:55 - MEANWHILE: Voltron on Netflix, WKRP Theme, no one saw Tarzan yet and pulpy adaptions, Sully trailer.

44:24 - NEWS: Preacher season 2, Justice League: Course Correction, Dr. Dooms new look, Doctor Strange not so Wong, Clifford The Big Red Monster, Kendrick wants to get Squirrely, Tetris: The Trilogy, Cool movie props auction, and new dictionary entries!

1:21:10 - EMAIL: The movie Sky High, potato chips, SeaQuest:SVU, extravagant spending, Superhero PJ's, dream vacations, Betty or Veronica, Avenger Presidents, Samurai Jack, and more!