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Feb 15, 2016

We saw The Merc With The Mouth, DEADPOOL! We review it after a poop story and this other nonsense:

EMAIL(6:20): Jason Bourne, our Earth 2 counterparts, Deadpool success means, clothing color rules, superheroes in songs and movie themes

MEANWHILE/NEWS ( 26:26): Batman v Superman bad buzz?, Bill hosts WCBJ Radio podcast for a little while, the BVS final trailer, more Trans-four-mores, TWD returning, Lethal Weapon TV series

The MARKHAM MOVIE COLLECTION - The Adventure Begins (59:32): Grant from the 7DaysAGeek podcast sent us bunch of movies to watch, this week: City Of Lost Children, Returner, The Dark Backward and Brotherhood Of The Wolf, and we hand out new flicks.

DEADPOOL MOVIE REVIEW (1:21:44): To close out the show we breakdown the Merc's movie debut, first without spoilers as we give some basic impressions, and then we dive into spoiler stuff with a solid warning at 1:25:48, as we start giving it all away.