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Dec 12, 2018

From $10 to $100,000, from vain to novel, practical to “wait, what?”, Bill and Agent Palmer embark upon a quest through some of the more “interesting” and terribly great or greatly terrible gifts that the internet can throw at them in order to assist you dear listener in your holiday shopping efforts.

Links to the products mentioned are:

Phone Conversation Privacy Mask (Kickstarter not yet available)

$190 Portable Sauna

$14 Mberry Tablets

$100 Ostrich Pillow

$28.00 Fish Training Kit

$1,100 Motorized Cooler

$30 Buy Land on the Moon  the lunar surface has approximately 9,383,748,198 acres.

$30 The Wine Rack

$14 - Procrastinator Mousepad Doodler

Various - Exclusive Vinyl

$20 - Device Holding Shower Curtain (Tablets/Phones Vertical and Horizontal)

$10 “How to Poo At Work”

$10 Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

$100,000 T-rex Skeleton

$25 Literary Insults Chart

$12 per candle (average)

$15 Mug for Bill

$50 Selfie Toaster

$50 Framed Tweets