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Apr 11, 2016

Bill's buddy Mike sits in with the boys this week and he takes our easy-peasy Geek Quiz! How does he do? How will you do? Then we get into stuff like...

EMAIL (14:18): testing, Walken & Cage, Star Wars Drunks, Movie Snacks, Super Bowling Teams, Speed of iTunes, Pictures Worth, then everything falls apart as sports talk invades the show.

MEANWHILE (30:58): Star Wars Rogue One first trailer, Henry Rollins in He Never Died

NEWS (42:00): Judge Dredd/Aliens/Predator, DC shakes up the creative teams on Bat-Books, Marvel's Cloak And Dagger heads to TV, Garth Ennis' "The Boys" coming to cable, Wolverine 3 casting...

We interrupt the news (at 1:00:18) to bring you us trying some dangerously good Hard Orange flavor Henry's Hard Soda!

The news continues with Macccaulay Culkin, the wonders of Amazon Dash Buttons and finishes with 50 cent Predator

SPOILER SECTION (1:25:20: We talk all about that loveable lunk Negan and that show of pure sunshine, The Walking Dead finale!