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Apr 2, 2017

The DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday April 1st 2017, featuring recaps for Supergirl, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Powerless, as submitted by Edward O'Hare (nickname To Be Determined):

Supergirl: Someone put a contract out on Supergirl and alien bounty hunters started attacking Kara. Turns out Mon-El’s mom, Rhea, put out the bounty. After Rhea attacked Kara with a Kryptonite sword, Mon-El agreed to rejoin the fam in exchange for Kara’s safety. J’onn warned Kara and the gang not to go after Mon-El because President Marsdin said so. The team said “screw that”, used a Stargate (I mean… teleportal gate thingy) Winn souped up to attempt a rescue mission, and Mon-El’s dad, Lar Gand, realized Earth makes Mon-El happy and let him go. Alex and Maggie bumped into one of Maggie’s ex-girlfriends and Alex spent the whole episode forcing Maggie to re-open old relationship wounds. By the by, President Marsdin is actually an alien. Last Minute Reveal: Rhea stabbed Lar Gand in the heart and she is not done with planet Earth!
The Flash: Abra Kadabra was running around Central City stealing from tech companies. Gypsy came hungry to take down Magic Boy for killing her former partner. After being captured, Abra Kadabra offered info on how to defeat Savitar in exchange for freedom. Caitlin took some shrapnel to the stomach, and rather than using her Frost powers to heal, she stayed awake and talked Julian through surgery removing the shrapnel. Barry decided to let Gypsy take Ab Kabs away instead of getting the dish on Savitar. Cisco and Gypsy are not so hot an item anymore. HR was away with a new girlfriend all episode. Barry thinks he can learn how to beat Savitar by running to the future. Last Minute Reveal: Caitlin went into cardiac arrest and died! Julian removed her anti-meta necklace and she woke up, but now she’s gone full Killer Frost!
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: It’s Doomworld! The Legion of Doom controlled the world and all the Legends were scattered around with their minds wiped, working crummy jobs. Heat Wave was bored of constantly winning, saved Steel from getting killed for figuring out the truth, and used a multiplexer gun the Atom invented to restore all the Legends memories except for Dr. Stein. The Reverse Flash made Dr. Stein create a generator that could destroy the Spear of Destiny. The Legends and the other LoD members all tried to stop Reverse Flash from destroying the Spear but ultimately failed. The Legends now want to try a do-over in World War I. Rip was drunk, baking cakes on the Waverider until Gideon helped him figure out a way to send a distress signal. Last Minute Reveal: The Waverider is a small model ship on Reverse Flash’s desk in STAR Labs!
Arrow: Five years ago, Anatoli convinced Oliver to pull a heist for pharmaceuticals to help a hospital before he left Russia for good. In the present, Ollie packed up HQ, told the team to get out, and hired Anatoli and the Bratva to kill Adrian Chase. Diggle wasn’t having any of it, kept the team together, and slowly wore down Oliver until he decided to take up the good fight again. Ollie led the team on a mission to stop the Bratva from stealing drugs and Anatoli felt betrayed. Felicity continued working with Helix, and with a huge assist from Mister Terrific, she was able to decrypt video proof Adrian Chase is Prometheus. Last Minute Reveal: Chase killed the Feds protecting him, stole their car and drove right past the SCPD squad cars coming to arrest him!
Powerless: Crimson Fox announced that she was leaving Charm City and taking her talents to Metropolis (adjacent). Emily signed herself and Jackie up for a self-defense class. Jackie blew off the class because she was driving for Uber to get some extra cash to pay for her daughter’s school trip, which Emily found out was bogus when she tried to give money to the teacher. Jackie was furious, but after Jack O’Lantern destroyed her car, she admitted that she’s taking MBA classes and would still be Emily’s friend as long as she turns the volume down on her excitement. Van interrogated everyone trying to figure out who used his private bathroom and left a magazine behind. Turns out no one used the bathroom. Jackie used the magazine to swat a bee that caused Van to squeal and hide. Last Minute Reveal: There was hours of footage showing everyone at the office using Van’s bathroom but Peter the janitor deleted it all because Van kept calling him Pedro!