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Jun 4, 2017

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday June 3rd, 2017, as submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. 3 new episodes this week, including a penultimate episode and a finale. Lots of excitement ahead:

Gotham - Penultimate Episode – The Shaman executed the remaining leaders of the Court of Owls and put Bruce in charge of detonating a bomb that would release the Tetch virus and wipe Gotham’s slate clean. Lee kidnapped Jim and buried him alive in a park with a walkie-talkie and the Tetch virus. Harvey let Alfred beat the bomb’s location out of Hugo Strange. Harvey tried finding Jim’s coffin but time ran out, so Jim took the virus, punched his way out of the grave and ran for the bomb. Ed got Babs, Tabitha, Butch and even Selena to help him track down Oswald. Things looked bad for Pengy until Fish Mooney dropped in (Goddammit! WHY IS SHE STILL ALIVE!!!), and snatched him away from Ed. Last Minute Reveal: Lee stopped Jim and Alfred shot the Shaman, but not before the Tetch bomb went off. Bruce watched the Shaman die after mentioning something about “the Demon’s Head.” Bruce blamed Alfred for ruining his mission before being carried away by the cops!
Lucifer - Season 2 Finale – Chet’s body was found in a lot and Chloe was on the case. One of crew that disposed of the body also turned up roasted. Turns out Chet’s brother, Hector, did it and was out to kill Charlotte. Amenadiel realized he was God’s favorite and had second thoughts about using the Flaming Sword of Eden. Charlotte tortured Dr. Linda and met with Chloe at a carnival. Amenadiel slowed time to help Maze get Linda to a hospital. Luci used that time to save Charlotte from Hector and cut open a void with the sword for Charlotte to enter and create a new life for herself. Later that night, Luci was ready to tell Chloe the whole truth until he was knocked out from behind. Last Minute Reveal: Lucifer woke up half-naked in the desert… with his wings!
iZombie - Liv baked a brain pot pie from a D&D Dungeon Master who was poisoned. The FBI took over the case because the victim was also a high-level hacker. This led to an awkward moment between Clive and his old flame Dale. Major found hate mail Ravi was hiding and set up a blind date with a girl named Shawna. Peyton asked Floyd Baracus for help looking into the death of James Weckler. He refused and then was shot at a fundraiser. Blaine experimented with a blue-soaked brain. Don stole some and went crazy. Ravi told the Zombie Haters about his cure to try and convince them not to kidnap Zombies. Instead Harley Johns kidnapped Don and asked Ravi to try his cure on him. Last Minute Reveal: A car pulled into Seattle and Mr. Boss popped out of the trunk, ready to settle some debts!