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Aug 27, 2017

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday August 26th, 2017. I'm Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. Preacher… well, Preacher happened. I also have a Retro Pick from the bowels of internet history that was hard to find but quite a treat. Let's dig in:

Cassidy bought a couple of whores for Denis’s birthday and unsuccessfully tried to dissuade Denis from giving into his carnal urges. Featherstone (posing as “Jenny”) ate breakfast with Tulip and let her blabber on about her recent visions. Tulip suspected Jenny might be lying but bonded with her by beating up Hoover (posing as drunk “Rodney”). Jenny laid breadcrumbs and Tulip found Saint of Killer’s guns and sword. Jesse lied to her. Jesse hung out with Starr and learned that no one knows where God is, but evidently Jesus had a one-night stand before getting arrested and Grail has protected his bloodline. Jesse made Starr introduce him to Jesus’s 25th great-grandson and was disappointed to meet Humperdoo, an inbred manchild, who really likes peeing. Last Minute Reveal: Starr admitted that he does not want Jesse to find God but instead use Genesis to replace him. Jesse became incensed, believing he didn’t need Grail’s help, but Starr warned that Jesse’s friends may not be friends much longer!
Gotham Girls S02E08 "Gotham Noir" 9/11/2001