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Aug 6, 2017

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday August 5th, 2017. As submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. This week, Preacher introduces another bad guy and a Retro Pick!

Preacher: After searching the last jazz club in N’Awlins and not finding God, our heroes used Cassidy’s vampire immortality to swindle a bunch of gun-toting rednecks. A French professor appeared out of the blue and explained to Cassidy that Dennis is dying and wants to become a vampire. Tulip kept having visions of the Saint of Killers and decided to face her fears by letting the rednecks shoot her in the chest (while wearing a bulletproof vest). Jesse decided to hang out with a street corner bum and talk about the end of the world. While Herr K. Starr showed up in a Vietnamese town enamored by a floating pig, we saw flashbacks of Starr being recruited by the Grail to defend the bloodline of Christ and eliminate false prophets. Last Minute Reveal: Starr slaughtered the pig and poisoned the entire town. His next assignment is Jesse!
Bonus Retro Pick: Teen Titans S05E08 "Lightspeed" 12/3/2005