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Sep 17, 2017

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday September 16th, 2017. I'm Edward O'Hare (nickname To Be Determined) we had a Finale this week and instead of a Retro Pick I have a huge announcement regarding the future of the DC TV Report. Stay Tuned:

Preacher- Season 2 Finale - Years ago, a young Jesse worked as the greeter to Angelville, killed a chicken dead, and offered the bird to his creepy grandmother. In the present, Eugene finally escaped Hell and brought Hitler to Earth. Unfortunately, der Fuhrer ditched Eugene right away. Starr staged a school shooting. Jesse saved the day without Genesis (which seems to have stopped working) and got invited on “Kimmel.” Cassidy finally had enough of Denis and threw him out a window leaving him to burst in flames. Tulip was excited to get on the road again, went to say goodbye to Jenny, confirmed she worked for Grail and took a bullet in the chest. After getting a call from Cassidy, Jesse raced home, fought with Cassidy to prevent him from biting Tulip, and ended up letting her die.  Last Minute Reveal: Jesse drove a furious Cassidy and Tulip’s body to Angelville and the scene faded into God’s dog mask in a messy hotel room. It sounded as though someone was in the shower and the bathroom door opened, revealing a blinding light!
AND stay tuned at the end for OUR BIG NEWS!!