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Apr 23, 2017

This is the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday April 22nd, 2017.  As submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. Still no CW superhero shows this week. But we did get 2 new episodes of fun, offbeat DC comics goodness.

iZombie: Liv drank a latte of brains from a Mindfulness instructor that made her annoyingly contemplative. She and Clive figured out the killer was a former business partner who went to prison after the victim ripped him off on a stock deal. Katty from the CDC started getting close to discovering zombies in Seattle. Ravi lied to throw her off the scent. Blaine started playing piano at a fancy jazz club and discovered his dad Angus is still alive. Angus and Don continued prepping their Zombie night club. Major continued his soldier-for-hire training, and started getting sick. Ravi’s cure is going sour. Ravi developed a possible remedy for the amnesia and begged Blaine to test it. It took a really angry Ravi badgering Blaine and admitting his love for Peyton, but Blaine eventually agreed. Last Minute Reveal: Peyton made up with Ravi, but their “welcome back” kiss was interrupted by a noise that turned out to be a pantsless Katty. Peyton stormed out and sought comfort from Liv as Blaine played piano!
Powerless: The whole company prepared to leave on a corporate retreat. Van hired comedy writers to feed jokes to him through an earpiece so he could blend in with the common folk. Everyone got on the bus except Emily and the rest of the regular cast when suddenly Dr. Psycho released a gas in the city and the building went into lockdown. Emily wanted to pass the time singing karaoke but the team said NO! Teddy broke a window and everyone had to hide in the lab. Emily inhaled the deadly truth gas and started laying into everyone, refusing to come back into the lab. Van gave an inspirational speech written for him and the team was able to lure Emily back with Karaoke. Last Minute Reveal: The next day Emily remembered nothing.  The team appreciated Emily more and invited her to Karaoke after work!