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Jun 11, 2017

This is the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday June 10th, 2017. As submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined. 3 hours of DCTV this week:

Gotham 2-Part Season 3 Finale - Part 1: The Tetch virus threw the city into chaos. Jim tried fighting the virus and kept getting calls from Lee begging him to give in. Turns out Hugo Strange developed a cure, but Fish Mooney snatched him up (GODAMMIT, WHY IS SHE STILL ALIVE!!!). Oswald, Freeze and Firefly joined them on a quest for the antidote and got cornered by ninja assassins. Jim went full-Tetch, killed all the ninjas and Fish (HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU, JESUS!!!). The cure was destroyed but Hugo could make more. He just needed blood from Jervis Tetch, who was just snatched up by Ed, Babs, and a jilted Butch and Tabitha. Alfred tried getting through to Bruce with mixed results. Bruce slipped away and wandered into a secret room to discover a Lazarus Pit and Ra’s al-Ghul. Last Minute Reveal: Ra’s al-Ghul believed Bruce could be his true heir and asked him to prove himself by killing Alfred. Alfred tried playing the nostalgia card, but Bruce put a Samurai sword through his chest!
Part 2 - Bruce felt horrible for stabbing Alfred. Ra’s al-Ghul vanished, leaving Bruce to save Alfred with the Lazarus Pit. Jim tried trading Oswald to Ed in exchange for Tetch. Things went sideways. Oswald led Ed into a trap and had Mr. Freeze put him on ice. Butch was anxious to kill Babs, but Babs got wise and shot Butch in the head. Butch survived somehow and we learned his real name is Cyrus Gold. Tabitha electrocuted Babs to death and took Selena on as an apprentice. Jim and Harvey got Tetch’s blood for the cure. Jim finally gave into Lee’s calls and joined her. Harvey slipped Jim the antidote. Jim cured Lee and himself. Lee skipped town, hoping Jim and Gotham could save each other. Last Minute Reveal: A family was cornered in an alley by a thug, but were rescued by a mysterious figure in black. The figure was Bruce, who climbed a rooftop and looked out over the city!
iZombie- As a favor to Peyton, Liv scrambled eggs with James Weckler’s brain. His mental illness caused Liv to hallucinate her dead boyfriend Drake. The extra-long visions helped Liv discover Weckler was murdered by a guard. Unfortunately that guard “fell off a boat” and drowned. Clive and Liv tried talking to Weckler’s daughter Tatum but she was hiding the fact that she’s a zombie. Major had an extended sleepover with Shawna. They built a fort in the living room. Stacey Boss tried killing Blaine but ended up getting forcefully persuaded to become Blaine’s new business partner. Harley Johns and the Zombie Haters tied up and starved Don waiting for him to go full Romero. Ravi frantically called Blaine asking for help. Last Minute Reveal: While Liv and Blaine pumped each other up to save Don, Harley Johns was ready to start the torture. Ravi pleaded for mercy, but Harley put a gun to Ravi’s head and demanded he step aside!