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Apr 9, 2017

This is the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday April 8th, 2017 as submitted by Edward O'Hare, nickname To Be Determined.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - Season 2 Finale: Rip made contact with the team, grew the Waverider to normal size, and the Legends all headed back to World War I France. Reverse Flash followed them back, literally ripped Atom’s heart from his body, and destroyed the Jesus blood. The surviving team was discovered by their past counterparts. There was a whole big showdown-faceoff-battle-royal-fight-for-all-the-paiella-thingy. Heroes died, there were dozens of Reverse Flashes, and it all came to a head when White Canary decided to use the Spear of Destiny. She had a nice talk with a spirit of her dead sister, Laurel, and decided it was best to let Laurel stay dead. When she came out of it the Spear had been depowered, a Speed wraith killed the Reverse Flash. The other LoD members were returned to their previous times and mindwiped. Oh, and Vixen decided to stay with Steel instead of going back to 1942. Last Minute Reveal: The Waverider got caught in a time storm and crash landed in Los Angeles 2017, which is now filled with weird futuristic architecture and dinosaurs!
iZombie - Season 3 Premiere: Vivian Stoll, CEO of military contractor Fillmore Graves, had her small zombie army cover up the zombie massacre at Max Rager. Back at her HQ, Vivian laid out to Liz and friends her plan for D-Day (when humans discover zombies), an island being built into a zombie haven, and a school of zombie kids. One of the kids was Clive’s friend Wally. Major had to drink bad coffee and got his house vandalized because he was the chaos killer. Ravi continued his labwork, trying to compensate for the retrograde amnesia his zombie cure causes, and struggled to get over the fact that Peyton and Blaine had a thing. Blaine started piecing together the truth about his life before amnesia and asked Peyton if he and she had a thing. Scott thawed out Angus and they are planning to deliver serious payback to Blaine. The security guard from Max Rager told his story on a wacko conservative radio show. Someone brutally murdered Wally and his family, and may be targeting zombies. Last Minute Reveal: Liv saw Major training with the soldiers-for-hire. He is working for Fillmore Graves!
Powerless: Teddy was saved by Green Fury, got smitten, and ignored his real girlfriend, Hannah, trying to get rescued again. In the end he chose Hannah but blew it when he had another awkward moment with Green Fury. Van’s mom remodeled his old room and shipped all his childhood toys to Wayne Security. Emily wanted her own office, and challenged Van to a Green Arrow Dart match to get it. The team tried to get Emily to throw the match. Van actually won on his own and gave Emily the office anyway. Emily told Van everyone’s been letting him win all his life, and Van was crushed. Jackie told Emily what a jerk she was and Emily cheered up Van by reminding him they are both on the same team. Last Minute Reveal: Van was about to sneeze… and then he didn’t. Well, he sort of did but it wasn’t that bad!