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Feb 26, 2018

This week we were LIVE From Comic Book Jones our local comic shop! They were having an event night and let us broadcast inside the premises! Crazy, right? Apologies for everything unprofessional you’re about hear, included but not limited to: A lot of mic fumbling, tangents, off the rails, overlapping cross-talk, interruptions, off mic-talking, you’ll probably find yourself riding the volume button.

We manage to get a few reviews in: Good Time, Annihilation and The Ritual. We meet store regular and comedian on the rise, Steve Duca! We try to figure who we are in Cheers! And some Comics talk? Manifest Destiny, DC/Hanna-Barbera Comics and some other random books!

Chatroom Game was OlympicsAComicBook! And in Email, we talk about Preacher and Werewolves.

This is part one so look for part two “The Comic Olympics At Comic Book Jones (ep146 p.2)” where the real fun starts and we get to meet other competitors/ customers.Thanks for listening!

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