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Aug 13, 2018

This week the Bill, Bob, Ed, and Uncle Jay are back into the swing! Bill may be someone’s wife and other nonsense starts the show, per usual.

Then, Would Uncle Jay pay $1 million for Han’s jacket? As we discuss some new pop culture relics going to auction soon. BIG changes are coming to the Oscars including new award for Best Popular Film Award.

Good news Ruby Rose is going to be CW’s Batwoman, sad news Nichelle Nichols has dementia, silly news Bethesda halts a single game owner from unloading a new game, and in intergalactic news Star Trek 4 is having issues with keeping Hemsworth and Pine in the loop.

Chatroom Game: Make a song a TV Pitch

Meanwhile, Bob saw Kevin Smith’s Tusk and we discuss, Uncle Jay caught up on 3 Billboards and thoroughly recommends The Meg, while Ed caught up on The Toys that Made Us part 2 and BlacKKKlansman.

Emails: Our Star Trek Mount Rushmore discussion, can a lightsaber cut Captain America’s shield?

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