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Nov 27, 2017

This week Ed’s out but Bill, Bob, Dom and Uncle Jay are here!

NEWS! Blomkamp’s “Flight of the Navigator” remake, Lizzy Caplan joins Gambit, Jake Gyllenhaal wants “The Batman,” Ben Mendelsohn wants Doctor Doom Jude Law will play Mar-vel and MORE!

Then Uncle Jay’s Star Wars Report: Star Wars Unleashed! Hamill’s big tease, Rey’s possible origin, no Lando and Chewie smacks a Porg. What does it all mean? We discuss.

Meanwhile! The Punisher, a discussion with small spoilers, but nothing plot related or too revealing. Then Justice League reviews, without Ed! But you can hear Ed’s review over on the special DCTV Report (

And Uncle Jay geeks out about a 3 hour and 8 minute cut of Superman and a different cut of Superman II, which leads to a Dom confession!

Pitch vs. Pitch: About Damn Time! (A very strong week!)

Emails! We write the Deadpool 2 post credits scene, discuss Thanksgiving leftovers, and answer other listener questions with tangents. You too, can send in your questions to the show

And since we skipped the chat game review three times to the dismay of Deepspace Palmer in the main show, catch it in the After Show, available at for just $1 worth of support a month!