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Jun 4, 2018

This week we’re talking nonsense and nerdy newstuff - as usual.

In the news, Andrew Lincoln is leaving Walking Dead (so what’s next?), Fear the Walking Dead has BIG balls, Billy Dee is rumored to be set for Lando’s return in Episode IX, Netflix has picked up Locke & Key straight to series (and we’re really excited!) and lastly that Crow remake has once again lost its lead actor and director.

Meanwhile, Bill recommends Evil Genius on Netflix and a hat tip to The Punisher for putting Frank Castle into War Machine. Ed’s catching up on The Punisher on Netflix, he also recommends Somebody Feed Hill on Netflix and he’s still recommending Brockmire.

Then Uncle Jay addresses Star Wars fans and Bill talks about Solo and then we discuss Star Wars overload...

This week’s Chatgame: Uncle Jay’s Radio Show

On to Emails! Benny asked Ed to rank his Sarah Conner and why Benny didn’t love Solo. And then it gets very random…

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