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Jan 21, 2019

This week it’s Bill, Bob, Uncle Jay returns and a previous guest pops up in the last third!

First up,Tom from MySpace is to blame for everything… And stroll down the internet super memory highway.

In the news: PSA from Bill on the mother of all email breaches, Ghostbusters 3 trailer, Highlander news, Evil Superman,...

Jan 14, 2019

This week it’s just Bill, Bob, and… Well… Just Bill and Bob - AND THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH FOR YOU!

First up, they run down a list of classic reasons why TV’s Banner Hulked Out.

In the news: The Further Adventures of Picard, and a Captain Marvel spoiler...

Meanwhile: Bill recommends a great new comic book - Hex...

Jan 7, 2019

This week Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay give you a 2019 GEEK MOVIE PREVIEW! But first....

In the news: Believe it or not Ripley’s is coming back. Inga can rock! Save Daredevil!

Meanwhile: Escape from Dannemora, Titans, Star Trek Discovery shorts.

CHATGAME: # Sidekick Interview Questions

Uncle Jay’s 2018 Wrap Up!


Dec 31, 2018

This week Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay start out looking back on all the prophecies and predictions we missed out on; No jetpack, no flying car, no apocalypse.

In the news: Predator Whiskey is coming and Uncle Jay already pre-ordered his bottles, Netflix has released a choose your own adventure Black Mirror:...

Dec 24, 2018

This week Bill, Bob, and Uncle Jay get festive, kinda? And we quickly answer YES Gremlins and Die Hard are Holiday films, but does it really matter?

Bill steals the news and more: Bad gifts, secret Santa, Star Wars Comics reveals Anakin's father in Darth Vader #25, Star Wars IX is one year after The Last Jedi, Black...