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Jan 25, 2016

A Very Special Winterized Episode featuring Bill's buddy Chad! Yes, Jonas The Storm hit NYC hard the day of recording and it decimated our staff but the show must go on!

Chad takes a CHILLING nerd quiz (4:05)!

E-Mail (17:29): Snow days, Blizzard movies, Stephen King stuff and Salad Dressings?
Meanwhile (32:27): Flash, Arrow, Suicide Squad trailer, Homeland, Orphan Black and Man Seeking Woman

Nerdy News (48:52): Rogers return as Captain America with new costume, DC Comics to implode again, China says no to Deadpool and other DP related stuffs, Punisher on Netflix, Y The Last Man, Gotham is open for spin-offs, Game Of Thrones mini-teasers

Reboot Report (1:20): Labyrinth, Nancy Drew, Masters Of The Universe and a related Poll

We close with touch base on some other cool stuff, a Star Wars Poll (1:27:00) and other SW talk.