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May 28, 2018

Before we get to our spoiler-free SOLO review, this week starts off with Bill doing his thing, Bob rockin, Uncle Jay singing and Ed not acknowledging Uncle Jay.

Also, Uncle Jay wrote a memoir about Return of the Jedi for it’s 35 anniversary.

In the news, Jake Gyllenhaal could be in the next Spider-man, we’re a little closer to a Boba Fett film, powers that be are considering Willow 2, what Watchment will be, the 25th James Bond gets a great update, lastly, Idris Elba will direct, produce and star in The Hunchback of Notre Dame for Netflix.

Meanwhile, The Toys that Made Us 2 returns, Star Trek Land, rumour has it Daredevil Season Three could give us Bullseye and the wqe talk about SOLO! There’s an explosion between Ed and Uncle Jay!

On to Emails! A listener mini-review of Solo, a question about Star Wars burnout, and a question about when you can spoil movies, books, and games.

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